Heirotehnika 24-26 March 2017 – Report

Last weekend was the time of Heirotehnika. The only Craft Fair in Greece which is always the opportunity for our Guild to get in contact with many people. During the last years our Guild has been an integral piece of this Fair, thank to the producers who give us the space. This year our presence was stronger than ever, because of our collaboration with Ilitominon (you may read here the details)

The setup of our booth started on Thursday, with the help of Yiota, Eva, Marina and Mania:


And was completed the same day!!!

03 (2).jpg

and next morning and for the next three days was full of people willing to contribute to our aim for the preemies.


Four shops helped our effort donating batting (MarMaLena) and fabrics ( yfasmatakia.gr,  stolidaki.gr and Ψαλίδι&Κορδέλα ).

Men (ok still just a little one – preemie him self and one a little older) and women of every age joined us and sewed with great enthusiasm.


They had fun, they learned, they shared their knowledge and enthusiasm. On top of everything, they were a great happy group of people.




Some of them brought in lots of ready quilts as well as worked on site.


Others spent a lot of hours and made a lot of quilts on site.


The sure thing is that everyone had a great time


We gathered 117 preemies’ hats and 76 quilts and of course we continue supporting Ilitominon in every sewing need they have. Therefore come and join us. You will learn loads of things, but you will also have great time, as Lela Vavouraki from Ilitomino pointed out.


And last but not least, let us give thanks to Giota Argyropoulou who had the co-ordination of this event as well as to Sandra Coronaki who had the ungracious role of closing the booth.


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